Plans to establish The Lost Dogs’ Home began in 1910. The Founding Committee was motivated by two main factors:

  • the high number of stray dogs in North Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs; and
  • the methods of poisoning or drowning used by local councils to destroy unwanted and stray dogs.

After 18 months of searching for a suitable site, The Lost Dogs’ Home finally opened in February 1913 at its current address as the ‘Temporary Home for Lost and Starving Dogs’. It comprised a simple weatherboard cottage, six large yards, a lethal chamber and sheds. The Home was modelled on the well known Battersea Dogs’ Home in London.

An interesting historical fact

Due to The Home’s close proximity to McCauley Station dogs were often sent from Flinders street station by members of the public on the train to be collected by the Keeper at McCauley Station. In many cases these dogs travelled without collars and chains, but rather a ‘strong piece of cord’.

Cats were a very small percentage of admissions until The Home added a Cat Shelter in 1986.

The lost dogs home history
The Lost Dogs’ Home was opened in 1913 as the “Temporary Home for Lost & Starving Dogs’