The Home’s Quick Facts

Did you know…

  • Some of The Lost Dogs’ Home Animal Ambulances travel up to 60,000 kilometres a year! This is the equivalent of driving around mainland Australia four times!
  • Feeding all of the dogs and cats each day at The Home means that we go through a lot of pet food. If you were to lay the tins we go through each year, end to end, they would stretch for over nine kilometres.
  • Around 90% of the 21,000 dogs and cats admitted to The Home are brought in by one of our Animal Ambulances.
  • The Lost Dogs’ Home was originally called ‘The Temporary Home for Lost and Starving Dogs’ and was officially opened in 1913.
  • The Home first started caring for cats in 1986.
  • Each year the Home cares for approximately 10,000 dogs and 11,000 cats
  • Our main site is at 2 Gracie St, North Melbourne. We have a pound and boarding Kennels in Cranbourne (south east Melbourne) and Echuca, Wingecarribee (NSW).
  • We operate 12 Animal Ambulances
  • We can house up to 250 dogs at one time at our North Melbourne shelter.
  • To house and care for a stray dog at The Home for a week, it costs $150.
  • To house and care for a stray cat at The Home for a week, it costs $75.