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Buckley the eight-week-old puppy was the victim of a cruel attack. Someone who was very mean to animals cut off his ears and tail with a pair of scissors. Poor Buckley was found alone in a schoolyard in a lot of pain. His ears and tail were bleeding. Luckily, Buckley was rescued by The Lost Dogs’ Home where he was cared for in the Home’s Hospital. He was given treatment to help his pain and lots of love and hugs.

After some weeks, Buckley was strong enough to have an operation to mend his ear and tail wounds. He then went to puppy pre-school to learn how to be a well-mannered dog and even had play dates with other dogs. Buckley was eventually adopted by a loving family where he is living a secure, happy life.

The Lost Dogs’ Home cares for thousands of cruelly treated animals like Buckley every year. His story reminds us of why we must all treat animals with kindness, compassion and respect.

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